New Schoolway Notification App Available

New SchoolWay Notification App Available
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Jostens, the leading provider of publications, jewelry and consumer goods serving the K-12 and college market, today launched its SchoolWay mobile app at Plainview High School. The free app keeps local households connected to students’ latest activities, lunch menus, athletic schedules, calendars and more.

SchoolWay is a simple, secure and reliable way to send protected one-way mobile and web messaging to students and homes through SMS/text and email applications. Features for the app include:

●Push messaging from school site

●Instant safety notification and alert reporting

●GPS mapping and navigation

●School calendars

●Online grade book access

●Multiple language options, including Spanish

●Lunch menus, calendar information

Jostens is providing the SchoolWay app as part of its commitment to serving schools, parents and students since 1897.

“In today’s high-velocity, ever-changing environment, it’s increasingly important that students, parents, the community, schoolhouse administration and faculty are digitally connected,” said Murad Velani, Jostens chief operating officer. “SchoolWay meets that need by providing safe, fast and reliable school communication for all groups in the school ecosystem.”

SchoolWay is now available to download on Apple or Android devices at