2018 - 2019 Special Olympics

2018 - 2019 Special Olympics
Special Olympics Team

This year’s Plainview Special Olympics team has been incredible. We have not really had a full team until this year, and we have five high school students on the team this year. We are hoping to expand to the younger grade levels next year as well. We have competed in bowling, basketball, art, and track and field events this season.

Our team and their awards this year:

Kaiser Mills: Athlete of the year for Fun Country Area, 1st place in 400m run, 1st place in softball throw, 1st place in bowling (overall tournament winner), 1st place in basketball shooting, 2nd place in basketball dribbling, 1st place in art drawing, and 1st place in 3D design (overall judges choice winner). Going to State games in May.

Hope Hanson: 2nd place 100m walk, 3rd place softball throw, 2nd place bowling, 2nd place in basketball dribbling, 3rd place basketball shooting, 1st in art drawing (overall judges choice winner), and 1st in 3D design.

Darci Collet: 1st place 100m walk, 2nd place softball throw, 3rd place bowling, 1st in art 3D design, and 1st in art painting. Going to State games in May.

Dean Gray: 2nd in bowling.

Jessie Fick: 2nd in softball throw. Going to State games in May.