Returning Student Enrollment
August 2nd 2012
Plainview Activity Center
            Welcome.  Once again it is time to start the enrollment process.  It is our desire to set up a “one stop shop” so patrons can take care of their enrollment needs all in one location.  New this year, we have put forms online (available Monday, July 23) so they may be filled out and printed in advance, also, with efunds, you may pay for any school items listed for enrollment ahead of time.  Below is a list of directions on how to complete the enrollment process.  At any time, please ask any staff member and they will be able to assist you.
All of the forms are listed online in a fillable format under the enrollment tab.  If you wish to do so, you may fill out the forms online at home, print them off, and pay for any school items using your efund account.  If you do not have an efund account and wish to create one, you may follow the directions listed on our website under efund payments.  You will need to contact Teanna at the district office at 223-6319 to get your student numbers.
If you choose to complete the forms at home and pay with efunds, the following process will apply to you:
            Fill out all of the forms for your students as directed.  Print the forms off and bring them with you to enrollment.  If you choose to pay with an efunds account, login as you normally would, select the items you wish to pay for, and complete the transaction.  Please be sure to print off a receipt so it can be turned in during enrollment.
            Bring the filled out forms and receipt with you to enrollment, pick up your folder and verify your contact information.  In the folder, there will be blank copies of the forms that have already been filled out and some additional information that will be building specific.  Once you have corrected your contact information, verify your residency at the residency table.  Be sure to bring your proof of residency with you to the table.  After verifying your residency, drop off the filled out forms at the appropriate tables, leave the lunch form with child nutrition and go to the cashier section.  If you have paid with efunds, special lines will be designated so you can drop off your receipt from home, the receipt sheet and exit the building.
If you choose to complete the enrollment process on site, you may fill out the forms in advance or fill them out once you arrive, and follow the procedure below:
Once you have filled out the forms and verified your contact information, you will need to verify your residency at the residency table.  Once you have finished with residency, visit the appropriate tables and leave any appropriate forms.  If you choose to purchase any items from the building, present the receipt sheet to the table for recording.  Once you have visited the tables, leave your lunch form with child nutrition and visit the cashier’s to make your purchases and to leave your receipt sheet.
General Information on the Forms:
The folder you have been given should contain all the paperwork necessary to enroll your child or children.  Please read the directions carefully as some paperwork is per child and some is per family.
Receipt Sheet:  This is the first sheet in the packet and will be filled out per family.  Staff at each table will help you with this form.  Please indicate all areas that you will be paying for upon conclusion of your enrollment.  NOTE:  Regardless of whether you have any payment or not, this sheet must be turned into the cashier at the end of your enrollment.
Student Contact:  You will have one sheet per child.  Please cross out and correct any information that needs to be updated.  You will turn these in later at the building tables.
Verification of Residency:  Please fill this sheet out per family.  You will need this sheet and the proper documentation to begin the enrollment process. (examples:  electric/water/gas/deed/tax statement)
McKinny-Vento:  Please fill this sheet out per family. 
Home Language Survey:   Please fill this sheet out for each child.
Race and Ethnicity:  Please fill this sheet out per child. 
Internet Access Agreement:  Please fill one out per family.  Please list each child on the form that you are enrolling.
Free and Reduced:  Please fill this out per family and list all children you are enrolling.
Disclaimer Sheet:  Please fill this out per family and list all children you are enrolling.
1.         The folder you have been given should contain all the paperwork for your family
            regardless of the number children you are enrolling.  Please take the folder to the              
            bleachers and fill out all of the forms inside.  If you have a question about any
            form, please ask any staff member for assistance.
2.         Take the verification of residency to the Residency/Transportation table to begin
            the enrollment process.  Please be sure to have proper documentation for the
            verification page.  You will leave the verification sheet with this table and have
            the enrollment sheet initialed that you have turned in the verification sheet.  You
            may ask transportation questions at this time if you have any.
3.         After the verification table, go to the building table that corresponds with your
            child(ren).  At this table you will leave your student contact sheet, McKinney-
            Vento sheet, Home Language Survey, Race and Ethnicity Form, Internet Access
            Agreement, Disclaimer Sheet, One Call sheet and if needed the Student
            Handbook sheet and/or the Vehicle Parking Registration.  NOTE:  Forms that
            are one per family may be left at the first building table if enrolling multiple
At each building table you may have items you wish to pay for initialed
            by that buildings staff on the Enrollment Receipt.
4.         After visiting each building table for each of your students, take the Free and
            Reduced Form to the Food Service table and have your Enrollment Receipt
            initialed.  You may indicated at that time on the Enrollment Receipt that you
            wish to pay on your student’s lunch account.
5.         Take the filled out Enrollment Receipt to the cashier’s table and turn it in.  You
            may pay for any items for all of your students at that time with one payment.
            You must leave your Enrollment Receipt at the cashier’s table to complete
            enrollment whether you make a payment or not.
6.         The enrollment of all of your returning students is complete.  Other tables may be
            present that offer information or goods that are not a direct part of enrollment. 
            You may at your own discretion visit these tables.
Thank You, and we hope this enrollment process was beneficial to you.
The following file are all in adobe PDF format, the PDF viewer can be downloaded from http://www.adobe.com